PC and Mobile Solutions LTD

NO FIX NO FEE                     NO FIX NO FEE               NO FIX NO FEE               NO FIX NO FEE               NO FIX NO FEE              

Step 1

Get a quote

Search for your device and enter some simple information about it, like the condition and storage. Then come to PC & MOBILE SOLUTIONS LTD to drop off your device.

Step 2

Bring item into branch

Take your device to PC & MOBILE SOLUTIONS LTD, you don’t need to bring any charger or box (but you can if you want). Staff will test your device and ensure the condition matches your chosen grade.

Step 3

We buy it

Once you have dropped off your item, we will transfer the agreed money to your bank account within 10 minutes. Unlike posting your device to some buyers, once staff has accepted it and you leave the shop, we will never change the offer from the agreed price.

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